Intallation, maintenance, services and/or commisioning of audio-video, radio & satellite communication systems, TVRO & Vsat, Wi-Fi & LAN networks, IT networks, servers, printers and working stations, PC/Mac, VMware etc

GMDSS - GOC operator ; High Voltage Safety & Maintenance (IMCA approved)

Underwater inspections, repairing and maintenance of propellers, rudder, stabilizers, bowthrusters, seachest etc. Recovering lost big objects (anchors, engines etc).

Underwater video & photography in fullHD (up to -100m depth; over this depth - special logistic requiered). Computer software editing.

AV/IT & Communication services (cruise ships & mega yachts)

Vsat (Seatel 9797, 6000, 4000 series) - SeaMobile/MTN, mini-KVH, computer station maintenance and auxiliaries, printers, wi-fi network, TVRO satellite SeaTel & Orbit, guest services Kaleidascape (music & movies), Crestron & AMX entertaining systems, switchboard PABX Panasonic & Alcatel telephone network and phone terminals, pagers & radios networks, GMDSS (Inm B, C & mini-M, MF/HF SSB/DSC, VHF FM/DSC etc), analog and digital satellite receivers Humax/Orbit, Scion & internal CATV network, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, audio - video equipments (Bang & Olufsen, Nakamichi etc), Echosounders & FarSounder, WiredOcean, SeaLynx, InfoCruise, CCTV equipments & SimonVoss Locking System Management, FIDELIO, NS5 & Xenia Cruise Management, ManageMyVessel, IDEA, ISF Watchkeeper databases etc.

spv Starf Flayer - 1999 - 2000 - Quartermaster

Authorized SeaTel

Vsat & TVRO Tehnician & Operator

ss Oceanic - 2001 - 2004

AB Seaman - Apprentice Deck Officer - Electronics Communication Officer

Sea service - cruise ships & motor yachts only! Oil tankers 1992 - 1999 not included.

spv Starf Flayer - 1999 - 2000 - Quartermaster

ss Oceanic - 2001 - 2004

AB Seaman - Apprentice Deck Officer  Electronics Communication Officer

mv Silver Whisper & Silver Shadow - 2004 - 2006  TV Broadcast Technician

luxury 5* cruise ships

my Lady Haya - 2006 - ETO (Electro Technical Officer)

65m private yacht

mv Island Sky - 2007 - IT Officer

90m expedition cruise ship

my Le Grand Bleu - 2007 - 2008 - ITAV Officer

114m private yacht

mv Clipper Odyssey - Nov. 2008 - May 2013 - IT Officer

103m expedition cruise ship

m/y  Maryah (ex project Czar) - April 2014 - July 2015  

AV/IT Officer (ex ETO)

122m private yacht

Sea service - cruise ships & motor yachts only!

Oil tankers 1992 - 1998 not included.

For mega yacht - assessment & audit of diving operations, recreational and technical courses all levels (from bubblemaker up to advanced trimix) special diving courses for disabled, CPR/first aid/AED/O2 courses, equipment maintenance, underwater commercial works & inspections, diving support for various underwater activities, diving insurances, recording & video editing etc.

All services are strictly VIP tailored and confidential!

m/y Maryah (ex project Czar)
m/y Le Grand Bleu
Seatel Technician & Operator
m/v Clipper Odyssey
m/v Island Sky
m/y Lady Haya
spv Star Flyer
ss Oceanic
m/v Silver Shadow/Whisper
CISCO CCNA Routing & Switching
CompTIA Network+
m/y Maryah (ex project Czar)

m/y  Alfa Nero - Jan. 2016 - June 2018

AV/IT Officer

82m charter yacht

CISCO CCNA Routing & Switching

NACOS Platinum Maintenance Technician

superyacht Topaz

m/y  Topaz - June 2018 - present time  

AV/IT Officer

147m private yacht