All recreational diving levels from Open Water to Assistant Instructor, Discover Scuba Diving, Bubblemaker (for kids) and +21 Specialties (Wreck, Deep, Full Face Mask, Dry Suit, Self Reliant Diver, Search & Recovery etc) to cover all your needs

Technical diving courses from Basic Nitrox to Advanced Trimix & Wrecks (Basic to Technical Trimix)

(Open Circuit).

Agency: ANDI International/ANDI Europe.

CPR/First Aid/AED/O2 courses for divers & non-divers.

Agencies: EFR, DAN Europe.

Recreational diving courses

Technical diving

First AID courses

Diving & courses with disabilities, all levels from Open Water to Technical. Agency: DDI.


Commercial divers, Public Safety Diver or military divers can take advantage of academic and practical courses offered by some TecRec:

Dry Suit, OceanReef - Full Face Mask, Wreck Diving, First Aid, technical diving with mixed gases (Technical Tri-Mix Diver L3, Extended Range Diver L4, Tri-Mix Diver L5) for depths over  -40m etc.

(non) guvernamentale Institutions interested should contact me via email or phone for more info.

Privacy is guaranteed!

For information and personalized assessment for you team needs, please contact me via email or phone.

Recreational diving
Technical diving Romania: ANDI, Dsat Tec, TDI
Disabled diving Romania
First Aid Romania

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